Dear Video. You’re Still Hot!

Awe yes, my good friend video. From Beta to VHS to DVD to iMovie. What a pal you have been, and continue to be for communications and PR. You have helped us mitigate risk by telling a discernible yarn of what happened – and most importantly, when it will be fixed. You have helped leading manufacturers become the best in the world by training their employees on standard operating procedures; all by watching a movie. With a filter or two, you have allowed us to put on some ‘slap’ when the story is dull and ordinary. You have made our storytelling to be compelling so our clients become closer to their customers.

For many years, frame by frame, you have served our industry well, but at what cost?

Every year you say you need more dollars so you can keep up with the latest trends to ‘look good’ for clients. This seems fair, but when probed further you begin to list all your associates that will need to be included in order for you to ‘look good.’

First you say you need a producer to ‘produce’ the story. A director to capture and conceptualize the story. A videographer to shoot the story. A writer, that will put words into the mouths of many… and so on and so on and so on.

My good friend video, I hate to break this to you. In today’s world you are just too darn expensive. Your associates are good and talented people but I cannot support all of you at one time.

Why you say?

It’s actually quite simple, I am operating on one-tenth the budget of two years ago and I just don’t have the money for you to ‘look good’ any more. At lease to the extent you are accustomed to.

So I old chum I put this question to you. Isn’t ‘looking good’ relative to what we are both working towards?

I say it is.

I bought a new Canon T5i DSLR with decent resolution that helps me shoot BOTH video and stills just by slinging a bag across my shoulders. I have a program called iMovie on my computer that helps either me, or my staff, assemble a pretty decent video. To top it all off, 80% of client videos are produced for what is called social media. You may have heard of it. It’s a channel allowing not just one-way communication but embraces two-way communication.

So do not fear my friend. You will continue to ‘look good’ because we will take the time to buy the books and do the research and learn how to shoot and cut a good video. We will promise to do all the things your associates have taught us with one big difference.

Because we can.

Even past the Canon, as iPhones become the arriflex of the back pocket, do not worry, you will always ‘look good’ because you are our friend and we care.

If you still don’t believe me have a look at a grassroots video below. This was produced by myself and Ross Fitzgerald entirely in-house for the Campaign For All Canadians at Canadian Blood Services to promote a worthy and important cause – building a National Public Cord Blood Bank in Canada.

Subject matter aside, you look fantastic!