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Balancing communications with need

As part of the practical last Wednesday at the Foundations of Digital Strategy and Social Media, we were instructed to pair-off and conduct a brief interview with each other. The interviewer would ask three questions relative to each other’s blog theme. This would offer the ability to filter each subject and rethink how it relates to your individual blog. Without mentioning names, my partner’s blog was central towards managing her recent separation from her husband. Not an easy venture but certainly cathartic and crucial towards her acceptance of the separation. Below are pieces of this dialogue that show how sometimes difficult situations can bring forth a remarkable ability to balance your life and improve your communications.

— Start of Interview —

Me: Obviously this must be difficult for you. How have you been able to communicate since you became separated?

Dialogue Partner: It has been very difficult but oddly enough our communication between each other has improved. Since the marriage dissolved speaking to each other seems to be easier. More fluid. This is especially pleasing for me as I have a teenage daughter and it hasn’t been easy for her either to connect to both her mother and father.

Me: That’s good to hear. How do you talk to each other now that you re separated?

Dialogue Partner: I find it much better when we meet face-to-face. Especially when it is around our daughter. So I guess you could say the more important the issue the better it is face-to-face. Phone calls you can be distracted and prone to emotion. Email, is the most impersonal.

Me: Now that you are communicating better with your ex-husband, your daughter seems to be ‘cool with it,’ how is your blog going to help you?

Dialogue Partner: I feel I am moving to a better space now with the separation. The blog will help me sort things out and by sharing them others can relate to what I am experiencing.

— End of Interview —

Whether starting a new life or navigating through crisis, take the time to audit your own communication. Is it helping you get to where you need to be? Especially when you need it the most.