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Getting to know a person can be subjective, especially right off the mark. Online community being no different than the street each of us live on,  the more we drop by and say hello, the more we understand each other and want to return. Professional communications is no different than your neighbour asking to borrow your red-robbie. Red means large size, robbie refers to Robertson; you know, the square one. Presto. Without even saying a word we communicated perfectly.

As the internet is a rather large community, let me be neighbourly first. Don’t worry it will be quick.

I was born at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto many moons ago than I want to remember. My father died too early in life for any memories other than the lack of a male role model. Moved many times over the years including a life (or two) in Windsor Ontario but never forgot my T.O. roots. Attended the Theatre Arts program at Humber College the same year Robin Trower played Long Misty Days at Maple Leaf Gardens (Yes Robin Trower). But my youth was not entirely lost as theatre proved a fortunate choice in my later career when delivering media interviews and public speaking. Chekov in hand, I then started to work in feature films at Pathe Sound on St. Patrick Street in Toronto. Sound engineering was an honest trade, especially with the Ontario tax credit of the eighties, but I couldn’t continue with the lifestyle. So a trip through Lonely Planet’s ‘Yellow Bible’ proved the right tonic as I traveled from New Zealand to India and most countries between. Coming home I was full of stories chronicled by kodachrome and journals and needed to switch gears. Landing in a graphic production house, I met my wife and a taste of what will become my passion for many years forth. Here I was introduced to the enriching, satisfying and hectic life of public relations. So here I am today, still married at 19 years and receiving due (teen-angst) comeuppance from my 18 year old son. Work wise, I am winding down many years at a national healthcare organization starting as a communications coordinator and leaving as a national manager of public affairs. Wow! It has been and will continue to be an amazing journey and I only hope this blog will help capture all the fantastic and wonderful reflections experienced on both sides of my life. Whether it is the intriguing and rewarding world of public relations or the mundane realization that both my socks did not match when I left the door this morning.


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