Steak tatar? No thanks! What else is on the menu in1977?

Exotic Munching circa 1977

Exotic Munching circa 1977

As this is my first ‘Throwback Thursday’ I needed to make sure the picture is both a legitimate archival snap, and a fair representation of my youth.


Let’s go back to 1987 and a time any student covets – March Break. My beloved aunt – June Malabar – took it on herself to entertain two strapping young men, my cousin Rob and myself, for an evening of nosh and natter. No KFC this time for Rob and John, June rolled out her usual carpet of wonders for her son and nephew by taking us to one of her favourite restaurants of the time – the Graf Bobby Restaurant.

From the picture below, 36 Wellington Street has changed considerably, especially in light that Graf Bobby closed in 1987 due to the emergence of high commercial real estate prices for this part of Hogtown.

36 Wellington Street (today)

36 Wellington Street (today)

But I digress into the halcyon numbness of the seventies, especially as a 19-year old young man ready for the world.

On Thursday July 10th, I add my contribution to ‘Throwback Thursday‘ with a nod to one of the best aunts a guy could have and really cool place to eat.


Love to hear your thoughts.

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