Future Leaders Get Pink’d for Skateboards!

As appeared in Linkedin

Boy do these gals got it! Drive, ambition, and unbridled courage; all tied up in a fierce bundle of determination. Here in Canada you may think we are talking about @marylou_maher@DorothyEngelmanand as this post is online, @Kirstinestewart, as successful business minds that continue to shatter any glass ceiling naively thrown ‘above’ them. Not today. This post is about some very special young ladies from Southern California that share a laser-like focus on pushing aside old stereotypes and embracing the world of skateboards. No ‘big brother’ is going to push these ladies from their dream of gaining some air, carving an arc or nailing a backside. As broadcasted yesterday on the NYTimes Opinion watch as these delightful future leaders teach us a thing or two about rising above sexism and behavioural bigotry to do what your dreams dictate. Even if your big brother wants to ‘blow all the girl skateboarders up!’


2 thoughts on “Future Leaders Get Pink’d for Skateboards!

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