Top 10 Reasons Why Not Having a Dad is OK

Your time will come

Your Time Will Come


Many calendar milestones are celebrated with the best intentions but can be immensely subjective towards their intent. This Sunday, dads everywhere will be feted and pampered for their loving contribution to family life. Unfortunately for many children and young adults alike, this day can be a stark and painful reminder of loss or absence. But from despair comes hope as I learned many years ago trying to fill this hole.

My father died when I was five years old and with my mother remarrying shortly after, I never really knew him. During my adolescence all accounts of his life were one sided and biased. In the 60’s and 70’s many experts, including Children’s Aid, readily encouraged new couples (with children) to be adopted by their new parent(s).

With little effort from my new adopted parent to form a – what I imagined – normal family, I pined for a father that I never knew other than one magenta tinted Kodachrome I found at the bottom of a sweater chest.

On reflection years later, I still feel a void in my heart where my dad was supposed to be, but like many kids from broken homes I quickly lifted my spirits and rose above it all to live a gratifying and rewarding life (and still hope to for years to come).

On this Father’s Day, I thought it best to assure others they are not alone and champion how far we have all come by none other than a Top 10 List. This list will encapsulate why it is perfectly OK to not have a dad – and in most cases – it will sure as heck help you out in both your business and personal life:

10. You learn to be independent early in your life, which will help you with leadership skills later

9. You can choose a surrogate dad from all those fantastic fathers your friends have

8.Your Granddad is more than willing to step in to fill this void as he always needs someone to enjoy a soft ice cream with

7. You don’t understand chauvinism and detest why it’s so prevalent in society today

6.You can choose what school you want to go to. Yes college is perfectly fine

5.You can learn to tie a Windsor knot yourself and get that first job

4.You can get a damn haircut any time you want! Or, you never have to cut your hair!

3.You can teach yourself to drive, to love, to play sports and read a business section before the sports section

2.You can give a Father’s Day gift to another dad that has been kind to you and understands how difficult this one day can be for kids growing up

1.You can try to be the best darn dad ever when its your turn

To all the dads out there that knew one day, many years later, Father’s Day would be a pretty terrific day to celebrate.



5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why Not Having a Dad is OK

  1. This post hits really close to home for me. I’m adopted, and while my adoptive parents did raise me and are the ones I consider “parents”, there has always been a part of me that wanted to get to know my biological family. I reconnected with my birth mother and have a great relationship with her, but found out a year ago that my birth father passed away from skin cancer 10 years ago. It was strange coming to terms with the fact that I would never get to meet him, and posts like this are a great reminder that it’s okay.


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